Watch NuDay Syria Founder Nadia Alawa on TedX sharing her story on Syria and how to be a catalyst for change.

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One Person at a Time.
All it takes to make a difference and ensure an impact for someone else is for you and I to take the initiative. No time to wait for others to take the first step.
We can do this together.
Syria's mothers, children, and families need each of us to be their catalysts for aid. They need us to  find ways to help, food to send, and shelters to support.  Surely, with a little effort we'll be One Humanity Closer and will only be so much more empowered.
NuDay Syria keeps a low overhead. Our focus is empowerment and aid with dignity to Syria's mothers and children as well as building bridges from our families here in the US to families inside Syria. 
More than nine million Syrians have now lost their homes or fled Syria, over two thirds of them mothers and children. We are always working on or sending out containers full of humanitarian supplies and efforts. Helping us both with financial and physical donations ensures that we’ll be able to send out supplies when they’re needed, where they’re requested. Safe shelters for women with no male breadwinners and their families are ongoing efforts in bordering countries, literally ensuring Syria's future. 

One Person at a Time, One Humanity. All you have to do is care and want change in Syria to happen, and together we can help and make a difference. We focus on women with no male breadwinners and their families. Many of these women have crossed the border to avoid military and political persecution - only to find themselves in dire circumstances with few options to safeguard their children and themselves with dignity. We send aid into Syria and bordering countries, keeping the mothers and their priorities and needs in mind.

NuDay Syria depends on its trusted and dedicated volunteers and activists. We are open to brainstorming ideas, working with you on container and donation efforts, and of course, always appreciate donations for our Syrian sisters and brothers. If you’re interested, please send us an email!
We also accept much-needed donations both through paypal and  Amazon Wish List.

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