Ahmad Al-Moujahed, M.D.

A Syrian physician who graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Damascus University, Syria in 2010, Ahmad has strong connections to medical relief efforts on the ground inside Damascus. Dr. Al-Moujahed came to U.S after graduation to do some clinical and research rotations, and found a research fellowship position at Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary, where he has now been working for 2 years. He is married to Heba Abolaban, M.D., and they have one daughter, Sham.
Melissa Nozell
Melissa is  an alumna of Colgate University and recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School, has a background in interfaith and religious studies and a developing interest in the intersection of religion, human rights, and conflict resolution. She is currently based in Amman, Jordan, volunteering to help with the Syrian refugee crisis. In the U.S., Melissa has been an active fundraiser and event collaborator with NuDay Syria; in Jordan she is working in the field to deliver aid, identify new aid recipients, and monitor and report its distribution.

Yahya Hussin
As a graduate student and in his last year of medicine in The Netherlands, Yahya cares greatly about the humanitarian cause in Syria. Twice he has visited the health care facilities in the boarder area of Turkey and Syria, where he has volunteered as a medical aid worker in a poly-clinic serving Syrian refugees.
Back in tEurope he is busy keeping the story of the Syrian people alive by creating awareness and collecting donations for various projects by NuDay Syria to help the mothers, children and families affected by this conflict. He has many years of experience in working in multiple student organizations and has been part of various student boards and organized several events. Yahya hopes to support NuDay Syria achieve its goals in helping the plight of the Syrian people affected by the conflict.
Baraa Zuhaili, MD

Dr. Zuhaili was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. After graduating from Damascus Medical School, he moved to Boston where he started his career as a research fellow at the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at Brigham & Women's hospital. He is right now continuing his training in Berkshire Medical Center. Baraa is focused on the development of medical infra-structure in post-revolution Syria and recently returned from a trip to Northern Syria where he was visiting field hospitals and helping as he could in his capacity as a surgeon. A very moving experience was doing a c-section on a pregnant mother killed by a sniper and resuscitating the orphaned baby girl whom he was honored to be able to name Amal (hope). Dr. Baraa offers his expertise to NuDay Syria and is a facilitator in helping us get medical supplies.

Edina Skaljic

A survivor of genocide and refugee camps, Edina has an insider’s perspective and a very deep level of sensitivity to what our Syrian sisters and their children in particular need. She has amazing outreach skills and is an eloquent spokesperson for NuDay Syria and never tire of bringing our message out to people.

Heba Abolaban, M.D, MPH candidate
A Palestinian-Syrian physician who graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Damascus University, Syria in 2010. Dr. Abolaban is doing her Master of Urban Public Health at Northeastern University in Boston and will graduate in May 2015. She is married to Ahmad Almoujahed, M.D., and they have one daughter, Shaam.


Hiam Altalli

Hiam Altali has a degree in history and Middle Eastern studies with a background in French literature. She is a relentless Syrian human right activist with an extensive network inside Syria through the work she has been conducting for two years. She is focused on documenting human rights violations and coordinates civil rights activists with humanitarian and human rights organizations. Hiam has worked together with NuDay Syria on many humanitarian and medical cases and is an ongoing source of support and advice. 

advisory   board

Josie Shagwert
Josie is a consultant and trainer who has over ten years of experience working in and advising emerging civil society groups. Josie’s focus has been on helping groups in program design, administration, and fundraising. Her work has taken her throughout the world to work and volunteer with international civil society organizations, including in Syria. In the United States she has served as the Director of Development of a grassroots environmental justice organization, the Executive Director of an education and organizing center for immigrant workers, and helped found several local (U.S.-based) initiatives to work on issues such as healthy food and youth leadership. Josie is currently serving as the Center for Civil Society and Democracy in Syria’s Director of Development and Partnerships and works closely with NuDay Syria to help us write and locate grant opportunities. She is Syrian-American and grew up in Providence, RI.

Laila Alawa
Laila works on social media outreach and website development for NuDay Syria as well as on our PR . Laila graduated from Wellesley College in 2012 and writes commentary on issues of feminism and Muslim American communities for The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and PolicyMic. She is interested in entering policy work to better the Muslim American community on a national level and cares deeply for her fellow Syrian sisters and their dignity.