Buying Kratom: The Guide

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known by the more common name of “Kratom”, is a tropical tree/herb native to Southeast Asia that contains compounds capable of producing both psychotropic and medicinal effects. It is legal in most jurisdictions and can be easily purchased online. Due to the possible medicinal treatments available with the drug, it is commonly sought out as an additive component of herbal mixtures, or even directly ingested through various mediums such as pills, extracts, etc. Because of this, many who are interested in the substance find themselves asking “where can i buy kratom“, a question in which this guide will seek to answer.

Kratom has been documented as having numerous medicinal benefits; it’s been cited to aid in problems with anxiety, coughing, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, pain, sexual performance, and even opiate withdrawal. This is due to the chemical substance within Kratom known as Mitragynine, which has effects similar to those found in opioids and thusly can help alleviate multiple forms of stress, anxiety and pain. In addition to the medicinal effects, Kratom is also commonly used for recreational purposes. Many who utilize the substance recreationally tend to do so in a matter similar to Marijuana consumption. Kratom is readily available online, but many buyers on the digital front face the problem of numerous suspicious and/or scammy websites that distribute the substance. In such a scenario, it can be hard to distinguish reliable sellers from frauds.

The website “Official K2” (full link is one such hidden gem among a treasure trove on unreliable distributors. The website is built in order to cater to every possible use that Kratom may provide the customer in need, from recreational to medicinal. The site provides access to herbal incenses, spices, and even Kratom in the form of synthetic marijuana, more easily recognized by the product name “K2”. Each product category is split into numerous sub-categories and variations in order to have a unique appeal to every possible customer; every incense, spice and K2 pack can be narrowed down to the customers specific desire and taste.

All of this having been said, Kratom (particularly the recreational substrate K2) has undergone some trials and tribulations with regards to legality within the United States. Though most major branches and arms of the substance remain perfectly legal to buy and use, some of the older spice blends have been restricted in most states within the US, and are thus discontinued on the Official K2 website. Regardless of this though, most major derivatives of the substance remain easily accessible through the Official K2 website, as stated previously.

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Attempts to Open Casino Only Highlighted Pre War Divide in Syria

Recently, Syria’s first casino has faced the city with quite a moral dilemma. Much to the dismay and open objection of the city’s primarily Muslim population, the Ocean Casino opened its doors in January of 2011. It sat comfortably on the outskirts of Damascus for over three months before being shut down. As the only casino in Syria, this decision left the city’s many would-be gamblers with only two options: travel to Lebanon and other neighboring countries or stick to online, mobile casinos.

The Ocean Casino was just one of many attempts at boosting the Syrian economy. When the casino first opened, it was filled to capacity. In three days the Ocean Casino saw countless Syrian gamblers spending upwards of $5,000 each, a profit which would have been funneled into casinos in Cyprus and Lebanon, otherwise, not to mention microtransactions featured on mobile casino applications. In fact, most poker players, slot watchers, and roulette rollers participating in Lebanon and Cyprus casinos have commuted from Syria specifically to gamble.

Shortly after opening, Syrian gamblers were outraged when the Ocean Casino shut down. A mere three months after initially opening their doors, the casino left Syria’s wide array of paying customers standing angrily at the entrance, granted no permission to come in and play. While many receded to their homes to play on mobile casino apps and websites, instead, others remained at the inoperable Ocean Casino, in avid protest of the closure. No one knew whether the casino had permanently or temporarily closed in order to calm the plethora of Islamist extremists upset with the Ocean Casino, who had been campaigning for its closure for months. In April 2011, a day before Al-Assad’s resignation speech to parliament, the casino closed, as part of his overall resignation basket. While the casino’s closure forced Syrians to visit Lebanon’s Casino du Liban as their only option for gambling, games, betting, and fun. Although whispers of a Casino Damascus circulated throughout Syria, a business which would threaten to poach the Casino du Liban’s customers, these rumors appeared to be simply wishful thinking for Syrian gamblers.

Even though the Ocean Casino was shut down by the Syrian President, in lieu of Al-Assad’s resignation, teachers were then able to work in full-veil again, Kurds from the east would be able to apply for Syrian citizenship, and a wage increase was promised to public sector workers, so the casino’s closing wasn’t all bad. However, Syrians wishing to gamble are still holding onto hopes of a new casino opening up nearby.