While we do send baby milk with our humanitarian aid containers to the free liberated areas inside Syria, then there is a tremendous need for milk in besieged and isolated areas close to Damascus and other places where containers can’t reach. The only way to send in aid and milk there is to buy locally or smuggle it in very gradually. NuDay Syria works in areas in Damascus, Ghouta, Rankous and other places.

Babies and milk

Can you imagine that the cost to feed a baby inside Syria with infant formula and provide them with diapers for one whole month is only $30? Many - if not most of these infants and very young children - are orphaned and being cared for by people or relatives around them. Many die a slow death from starvation or become severely malnourished. Caregivers and mothers often feed them very thin chamomile tea or just water for lack of infant formula - anything to keep their crying contained.
All it takes for one baby to get enough milk and a few daily diaper changes is $30. Need we say more? Please do your share and support this project and help NuDay Syria defeat the reality of starving babies sitting in the same diapers for days on end.