How does the container get into Syria?

NuDay Syria has a strong network for container distribution in different areas inside certain areas of Syria, and now also in the Beirut area. Most of our containers have gone via Turkey to the Bab AlHawa area and from there have been picked up by the local team, who takes care of distribution and documentation. We generally send off containers door-to-port from our warehouse in Amesbury, MA to Mersin port in Turkey. In future cases, we might send from other locations in the US as people are getting containers together for our united efforts and contacts. There, we work together with a local shipper who clears customs and pays all fees, including transportation to inside Bab AlHawa. Containers arrive in Bab AlHawa within 2-5 days of arrival to Mersin.

And then how does the stuff get distributed?

Once inside Bab AlHawa, the specific team of activists waits with trucks to empty the container and bring the shipment inside Syria. We bring items temporarily to a storage area, just to sort and finalize a distribution plan. Unlike many other organizations, the stuff we send gets distributed within days of arrival. Our activists are Syrians, risking their lives to bring aid and relief to their fellow sisters and brothers. The work we do here – as hard and exhausting as it is – is nothing compared to the stress and danger the activists in Syria experience.


what are containers ?

Containers are a very involved process of sending 40 feet long containers filled to the brim with clothes, bedding, hospital and medical items, food, and hygiene products. Making a container and sending it off is extremely demanding and hard work, but each shipment contains actual aid that reaches the people and hospitals in need within 6-8 weeks of being loaded. Considering that each container is easily worth $100,000 or more - and that there is an awareness and educational aspect to reaching out to the communities here - the NuDay Syria community has found each container to be a very rewarding and beneficial project.

How do We Put a Container Together?

In order to legally send containers as an organization, NuDay Syria has had to secure a valid and up to date Export License. We are in close talks with our contact at the Department of Treasury to ensure that we follow US requirements as closely as possible. Our shipper is also in charge of paperwork, and throughout the process there is a lot of transparency. We submit a detailed packing list with number of boxes in each sub-category and any items not in boxes such as wheel chairs, mattresses, beds, strollers, etc. listed separately. We sort and pack almost everything ourselves in the storage facility or locally with our team, and have only very rarely encountered items we did not want to send. We obviously don’t send spoiled or ragged items of clothes and what-not, but we mostly get items in good to excellent condition, if not new.

What do WE send?

We send both gently used and new items, food, and medical supplies and equipment. Examples of much needed items are clothes, coats, shoes, boots, new underwear and socks, female hygiene products, diapers, soap, powdered detergent, sleeping bags, blankets, soccer balls, stuffed animals, non-battery operated toys.

Food items needed include rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar, cans or bags of tuna, food high in protein such as peanut butter or nutella, energy bars, protein drinks, powdered and liquid milk and *always* infant milk in any form. All food items must be unexpired and in non-breakable packaging.


How can I help?

- If you are local to the Boston area, come help us sort and make boxes and fill a container. Contact us for details.

- Get online and order items for containers from Amazon where you get free shipping and great pricing. We have a wish list there and it is very straight-forward to order from them.


- Financial donations or full or partial sponsorships of containers are always appreciated..