Medical Relief

Every day children are wounded or maimed inside Syria. Every single day. Many of these children are orphans and some get sponsored in NuDay Syria’s orphan program.

Many of the children that get wounded from shellings, chemical attacks, targeted sniper bullets, or children that have medical needs such as chronic handicaps or severe psychological issues need reliable help. They often have both parents alive – even if one parent might be detained or missing and the other wounded or emotionally depressed – and it is for these kids that we have our Medical Needs category. We need to help these children and we need to do so reliably and continually.

You can choose to donate a one-time donation and know that one or more children with medical needs with get the help needed or you can sponsor regularly and get matched to a child with medical issues.

Sponsoring a child with medical issues inside Syria is $75 a month and a child with medical issues in Turkey is $200 a month. All of the money goes to the guardian for basic food, ongoing medical supplement or doctor visits and as possible also cover educational opportunities for the child.