Our containers equip several field hospitals inside Syria in Idlib, Aleppo, and in Deir Ezzor and sometimes we also help with other projects such as rehabilitation for amputees, diabetes and birthing centers as well as sponsor particularly needed pieces of medical equipment. .

Here is Muhammad who is now paralyzed and a refugee with his mother and siblings in Turkey. He was out playing when a tank came and purposely drove him over. Muhammad is the spunkiest thing and is a spirited handful for his mother who lives in housing sponsored by NuDay Syria and leads Quran circles for groups of children, teaching while earning for her family.

Medical Relief

NuDay Syria sponsors individualized medical care for very urgent cases whose mothers desperately request our aid to help save their children’s lives. Generally speaking then many of these cases are those of cancer patients like Souhaila age 12 who refuses to die and instead is improving while doctors are trying to send her “home to her refugee apartment” in Lebanon to die or that of baby Eslam who responded really well to the chemotherapy and is going to make it.