What is the monthly sponsorship cost?

Orphans in Syria $50

Orphans in Turkey $100

Orphans in Turkey with schooling $185

 Can I sponsor a Syrian orphan?

Yes, you can absolutely direct your donations towards orphans either inside Syria or in Turkey. You have the option of sponsoring schooling for your orphan in Turkey as well.

Can I physically adopt an orphan?

As far as we know then adoption of Syrian orphans is not possible. There are many reasons for this incl. religious, cultural, and political. However, the Syrian children are very vulnerable and the orphans especially so which is why sponsorship is a huge, huge help.

Where does my orphan live?

The orphans we help are either inside Syria or in Turkey.

Can I get updates on my sponsored orphan?

Right now resources are very tight, but we are doing what we can to keep long-term sponsor and orphan in Turkey connected. This is for the sake of both the child and the sponsoring adult/family since it creates an emotional bond and in addition might be the orphan’s only hope for a tertiary education years down the road.

What does the monthly donation cover?

The monthly donation cover basic food, baby milk, diapers and some clothing for the child. It is not enough to cover schooling expenses which are separate. Many Syrian children do not go to school because there are no funds to pay for their bus expenses and basic school supplies.

Will our sponsored children in Turkey be going to school?

Yes, there is an option to add schooling for your sponsored child, but it is not covered by the basic sponsorship.
Syria’s orphans need us. NuDay Syria has orphans inside Syria and in Turkey that we need to help. Some have lost one parent, many both. Orphan aid inside Syria is on a monthly basis and without guarantee of ongoing contact with the child, since many orphans live with family or friends and take refuge as needed if area gets too dangerous. This means that the aid sent to orphans inside Syria cannot be guaranteed to reach the same children every month.
Orphans in Turkey are in a much more stable situation. They do not face air attacks and generally are more reliable to get in contact with. They are often connected to a school for Syrian refugees - that may or may not be able to pay for their attendance - and they usually live with surviving family members or neighbors from their time inside Syria. This includes infant orphans as well. Syrian orphans are generally never abandoned by the people around them. That means that their loving host families cannot provide food, milk, clothing or schooling, but that they share their love and bedding with them.

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