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MECN  The Morning Show  – 8/29/2013
NuDay Syria brings humanitarian aid nation in turmoil
The Bay State Banner – 9/18/2013

Boston Protesters speak out against U.S. military action in Syria

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Audio Interview with NuDay Syria founder Nadia Alawa

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NuDay Syria تقدم مساعدات ماديه في ريف اللاذقيه لعائلات الشهداء

PRWeb Online Visibility from Vocus – 10/24/2013
U.S. Based Company Donates Egyptian-Made Clothing to Syrian Refugees
iPolitics360 – 1/24/2013

Thank You to Hamza Al-Khateeb Karate Tournament

The Daily Free Press – 10/25/2013

Hundreds gather on Common to protest U.S. involvement in Syria

American Relief Coalition for Syria
The Syrian Humanitarian Catastrophe
Melissa Nozell – 10/12/2013

Chemical Weapons Pact Won’t Stop Slaughter, Syrian Americans Say

Harvard College Society of Arab Students Event

From Boston: This is Syria – activist Omar Offendum

SAC – Syrian American Coalition – 4/4/2013

Newly Formed Coalition

Institute for Social Policy and Understanding – 8/3/2012

Top Ten List: Muslims Who Save Lives

Huffington Post – Nadia Alawa makes the Top Ten List – 8/3/2013

Top Ten List: Muslims Who Save Lives

News – 10/24/2013

Local Syrians aid war-torn homeland

Boston Globe – 10/12/2013
Amjad Kinjawi, a North Attleborough dentist, has lost two cousins in Syria
Conventional killings left out of Syria debate
Salt Lake Tribune 11/5/2013

Volunteers seek Utahns’ help to keep Syrians alive through winter

The Century Foundation

For Syrian Women Refugees, Exploitation Is Constant

A Mercy Case

Some of My Contemporary Leaders

CBS Boston 8/23/2014

James Foley Remembered

Foster’s Daily Democrat 8/24/2014

Support at James Foley vigil

The Boston Globe

From small-town N.H., a stream of relief to Syria