Women Breadwinners

housing and food

The crisis in Syria has forced hundred thousands of women to evacuate their homeland, arriving in a new country all alone with or without their children. The husband might be killed, detained or missing, leaving them obviously very vulnerable and scared. Many of these women have in some cases experienced rape, torture and everyone has survived shelling and often sniper attacks.


NuDay Syria makes a strong effort to reach out and locate these families and move mothers with their children - and if applicable extended family members like grandparents - into humble, but safe, housing. These widow families with orphans are sometimes also part of NuDay Syria's social business projects and often also attend our Quran classes for mothers and children in our Outreach office in Antakya.


The basic cost to sponsor a widow and her children is $350 a month and this provides the rent and schooling for at least one child and food. Please don't leave these mothers alone. Their children are our children. If you want to make sure all children go to school, then please look at our Orphan Sponsorship option.